Welcome to Christian UC, the place where Christians come online to research and plan for Unassisted Childbirth (UC) while building up our faith at the same time!

Within this site you will find several things. You will find information on our newsletter, message boards, and weekly chat. You'll also find personal accounts of UC by God-fearing women, our online shoppe featuring birth supplies, slings and other goodies for the attachment-minded mama, and beautiful photos of pregnancy and nursing babes throughout. Soon you will find articles on breastfeeding, elimination communication, family bed, vaccination and circumcision.

What you will not find on this site is medical advice. We are not doctors. We are mothers who consider Jehovah Rapha far superior to man's wisdom. It is our position that God created our bodies to speak to us very clearly, sometimes alerting us to seek the help of professionals, sometimes just to rest in Him. It is the responsibility of every individual to know what God is speaking to them regarding their particular circumstance.

With a final note of thanks to everyone who has helped make this website everything it is, I leave you to be blessed by it.


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