Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is UC?
Unassisted Childbirth is a planned birth which takes place without the aid, assistance, or presence of a medical or birth professional.

2. Is that legal?
Yes. As a woman has the right to kill her unborn child, she also has the right to choose how she births her beloved child. It is her full right to refuse medical care.

3. Isn't that irresponsible?
No. The position of unassisted birthers (UCer's) is typically that pregnancy and birth are not medical events. They are biological functions which are usually only complicated by outside efforts to control them.

4. What about prenatal care?
Some women find OBs or midwives to give them prenatal care for their own reassurance, protection, or to have a friendly back-up should a transfer become necessary. Some women tell of their plans to homebirth, some don't. Most women do at least some (if not all) of the testing done at an office for themselves in the privacy of their own home. Some choose to eat healthy and otherwise take care of themselves and forgo the stress brought on by tests of any sort.

5. But what if (insert horrible outcome here)?!
Okay, I'm game. What if that happened? Have you ever really thought about the question? Have you asked yourself how that might come about? How would it be handled in a hospital or by a midwife? Are you or your spouse physically able to accomplish that same task? By and large, most "complications" are not very complex. Of those that are, you would have fair warning from your body that things were awry in time to get yourself to the hospital for help.

6. I've got a friend who's a doula. If she came would it still be a UC? What if my husband happens to be an OB?
While some die-hard UCer's say that birthing solo is truly the only way to be free of anyone else's impact, most will agree that the presence of your spouse or friend does not necessitate intervention. If you are in control, being guided by your body and not being affected by those around you - that is UC!

7. Can UC happen in a hospital?
Technically, yes. Realistically, no. Babies have been born before doctors were able to make it into the room. Obviously noone was assisting. There is, however, a paradigm that I'm currently unable to put into words that goes along with UC, and is just not possible in a hospital or birth center setting.

8. Where can I learn more?
You can learn more through the pages of this website, the forums found under "Mom's Corner", and the books, email rings, and other sites listed under "Links" in the menu.


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